Kathmandu Living Labs

Location: 1474 Lamtangin Marg, Chundevi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tenure: August 2018 – October 2018
Website: Kathmandu Living Labs


  • Worked on World Bank’s Global Practice Connectivity Mapping Project.
  • Helped to prepare critical geospatial datasets and explore their correlations with socioeconomic indicators in Nepal.
  • Identified and traced missing roads throughout Nepal through OpenStreetMap platform.
  • Stood as the second most accomplished OSM mapper in Nepal by mapping more than ten thousand roads.
  • Became part of the team that mapped 70% of the major roads in Nepal, thereby helping in post-disaster management.
Mapping Statistics

From: Missing Maps

Number of Tasks Mapped 3258
Number of Tasks Validated 6024
Length of Roads Mapped4471 km
Number of Buildings Edited614
Number of Changesets324
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