Department of Physics and Astronomy

Location: 370 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, PA, USA
Tenure: December 2019 – Present

Advisors: Prof. Karen L. Masters, David V. Stark


  • Reduced 21 cm HI Line Data of over three hundred galaxies taken using the Green Bank Radio Telescope.
  • Investigating Low Star-Forming galaxies with high HI masses.
  • Participated and gave a lightning talk in SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) 2020 Collaboration Meeting (22-26 June 2020).
  • Data Analysis and Visualization using Python; heavy use of Python’s NumPy, AstroPy, and MatPlot libraries.
  • Project Owner of BPT classifications of all galaxies in MaNGA – a Zooniverse project aimed to get an overview of ionization sources of galaxies in MaNGA for SDSS-IV collaboration members.

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