Center for Career and Professional Advising

Location: 370 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, PA, USA
Tenure: September 2019 – January 2020, September 2020 – May 2021, June 2021 – Present

Website: Center for Career and Professional Advising

Micro-Internship Project Manager- Whitehead Intern

  • Develop and launch Haverford’s first Micro-internship program.
  • Formalize a committee to assist with determining the actual micro internship structure and selection.
  • Research micro internship programs at other schools (like Swarthmore) and companies who offer micro-internships to determine best practices, including staffing needs to manage the program.
  • Work with the webmaster to decide and create the most effective employer submission proposal and effective student application process.
  • Determine and put into place a timeline for both prospective students and employers.
  • Develop a marketing plan for potential employers, alumni, and students.
  • Work with the Centers on an employer partner agreement that would be used for the full Whitehead program.

Employers Relation Intern

  • Research and extend campus relationships with regional and national employers and alumni to increase campus outreach for the “Hire a Ford” initiative.
  • Manage Handshake – the recruiting platform at Haverford College.
  • Organize recruiting events like the Tri-College Recruiting Day (TCRD), STEM Recruiting Day, and through Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC).
  • Use and compile recruiting data for research and data analytics using Excel.
  • Assist with target emails and other marketing outreach to student groups regarding jobs, internships, and events.
  • Host employer information sessions.

Office Assistant Intern

  • Served as the first point of contact with visitors in the office by taking initiative in welcoming and assisting them with questions.
  • Answered phone and directed calls.
  • Entered and accessed internships and jobs for students and alumni in online systems such as Handshake on a regular basis.
  • Conducted alumni and employer workshops.
  • Organized campus recruiting fairs like Tri-College Recruiting Day and STEM Recruiting Day.
  • Researched new internships and jobs.
  • Assisted with a variety of projects including, research on alumni and hiring organizations, maintaining databases, and large mailings.
  • Regularly checked to ensure links and info on the CCPA website are up-to-date.
  • Provided information and advice to students on how to use CCPA’s Career Resources for researching career fields or graduate/professional school.
  • Carried additional office duties as assigned.

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