Haverford College

Location: 370 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, PA, USA
Established: 1833

Haverford College is a leading liberal arts undergraduate college located outside Philadelphia that is known for its academic rigor, Honor Code, and beautiful arboretum campus… Continue reading from haverford.edu

Non doctior, sed meliore doctrina imbutus

Haverford College Motto (See Translation)



Spring 2021

ARTS 104: Arts Foundation: Sculpture
CMSC 245: Principles of Programming Languages
ECON 210: Linear Optimization
LING 024: Sanskrit Class Paninian Grammar
MATH 318: Analysis II

Fall 2020

ASTR 404: Research in Astrophysics
CLST 023: Introduction to Sanskrit
CMSC 240: Principles of Computer Organization
ECON 247: Financial Accounting
MATH 317: Analysis I

Spring 2020

ARTS 103: Arts Foundation – Photography
ASTR 404: Research in Astrophysics
CMSC 106: Introduction to Data Structures
MATH 216: Multivariable Calculus using Linear Algebra
PHYS 106: Fundamental Physics II
WRPR 189: Health and the City

Fall 2019

CMSC 105: Introduction to Computer Science
MATH 215: Linear Algebra
PHYS 105: Fundamental Physics I
WRPR 101: Finding a Voice: Identity, Environment, and Intellectual Inquiry


AESOP Academy
Professional Skills & Leadership Program (Feb 2020)
  • Successfully completed an intensive learning program focused on the technical skills development of advanced Excel business analytics, intuitive Tableau dashboard reporting, and executive-friendly presentation creation.
  • Self-sufficiently conducted complex analyses on a variety of mock client scenarios by navigating disjointed datasets to efficiently derive analysis results and develop strategic recommendations that resolved client pain points.
  • Completed and presented a final group project case to the Director of IB. Received positive feedback upon program completion.
Data Analytics Program (Aug 2020)
  • Successfully completed intensive learning program focused on the end-to-end data analytics skills of MySQL extractions, Excel strategic data analysis, intuitive Tableau dashboard development, and defining/interpreting client requirements
  • Conducted analyses on a variety of real-world client scenarios utilizing advanced data management methods to resolve challenges related to budget prioritization, customer traction & trends, supply/demand gap analysis, and product portfolio performance. The comprehensive analysis resulted in identifying root cause risks and proposing resolution strategies for clients.
  • Completed multiple group project case competitions with 23+ talented students. Received positive feedback upon project completion.

Transcript, references and other documents are available upon emailed request.

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