Anubhav Sharma

BS Computer Science and Mathematics

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Anubhav Sharma is a junior at Haverford College double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is currently a visiting student at King’s College London.

Last summer, Sharma worked as a Micro-Internship Project Manager and Mathematics Researcher at Haverford College. He was also in the tech team of the New Languages for NLP Workshop and a FLI Student Leader for the Chesick Scholars Program. Previously, he has worked as Teaching Assistant (TA) for Introduction to Data Structures (CMSC 106), Employer Relations at Centre for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA) and Upper-class Advisor (UCA). He serves as the Co-head of the South Asian Society (SAS) and Board Member of International Students’ Association (ISA) at Haverford.

Born and raised in Nepal, he completed his School Level Certificate (SLC) from St. Xavier’s Godavari School in 2016 and Cambridge International A-Levels from Rato Bangala School in 2018.

He has about two years of experience in Astrophysics Research, over three years of experience in teaching, and two years of experience in office administration. His recent projects include Coding the Hungarian Algorithm, Reconnect, and The College Nerd. He loves to travel and play chess. His proven top strengths are strategy, adaptability, and responsibility.

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